Free Cash Flow Model Template

Build a profitable business by mapping out your revenue model and your projected expenses to be sure your pricing is in alignment with your value.

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    Gain Clarity on how much cash you can earn each month based on your sales and expense assumptions.

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    Play around with different pricing models and assumptions to if your better off with one versus another.

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    Create a monthly forecast to compare to your actual results each month. Based on what you see, you can make adjustments to how things work to help you better achieve your goals.

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    Develop a plan by quarter, half year or whole year that you can build systems and processes for to achieve.

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Set up your Cash Flow Model today


If you’re growing your business and looking to get to the next level, the systems and processes that got you where you are now, are different from those that will get you where you’re going next.

To grow at the same rate as the past requires organization, time management, and efficient processes & systems that allow you to spend your time on value added activities and less busy work and admin.

By taking the time to model out the financial details of your business plan, you’ll be in control of your cash flow and able to make timely decisions about pricing, sales goals, and expenses by building this information into your execution systems and processes.

A well built out Cash Flow projection gives you milestones to work toward throughout the year and helps you ensure you’re going in the right direction while focusing on how you get there with your scalable systems.

Thousands of successful small business owners are using systems, processes, and templates just like these to transform their businesses into the success they desire for themselves, their employees, customers and communities.

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