Free Sales Pipeline Template

Organize your sales activities with this Pipeline Tool and set yourself up to close more sales on a regular basis

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This customizable sales pipeline template enables you to:

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    Organize your sales leads in one place so you can clearly see how much sales activity you have going on at one time.

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    Assign each prospect with a sales stage so you know where they are along their journey to making a purchase.

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    Assign each prospect with a target sales amount and expected close date so you can calculate your expected sales totals by month, quarter, or a different customized time frame.

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    Plan your sales activities for each day of the week that sets you for success in meeting your sales goals.

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Implement your predictable sales plan today.


If you’re growing your business and looking to get to the next level, the systems and processes that got you where you are now, are different from those that will get you where you’re going next.

To grow at the same rate as the past few years requires organization, time management, and efficient processes that allow you to spend your time on value added activities and less busy work and admin.

By transitioning to an organized sales process using a spreadsheet, you’ll immediately see exactly where your sales numbers are today and what it will take to attain your actual goals. You’ll take out the guessing, work smarter, and achieve results.

By using a spreadsheet for a year or two, you’ll develop your own robust sales stages, processes, etc. and when you’re ready to move to a CRM software solution, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for.

Thousands of successful small business owners are using systems, processes, and templates just like these to transform their businesses into the success they desire for themselves, their employees, customers and communities.

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