Free Know Your Pitch Worksheet

Perfectly articulate your value to your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) in less than 30 seconds by crafting the message from your customer’s perspective.

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This Know Your Value Pitch Sheet enables you to:

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    Tie together your company’s mission/vision with the top five characteristics of your ICA to figure exactly how to hook their attention and get them to tell you more.

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    Map out the customer journey through the first five phases they experience on their way to finding your solution to their problem.

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    Determine all the places you and your brand can show up along their journey, and what you can do to convince that your solution really works.

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    Draft a pitch statement that speaks to their specific problem describing the solution in terms of the outcome and benefits.

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Travel Your Customers Journey Today


If you’re growing your business and looking to get to the next level, the systems and processes that got you where you are now, are different from those that will get you where you’re going next.

To grow at the same rate as the past requires organization, time management, and efficient processes & systems that allow you to spend your time on value added activities and less busy work and admin.

By mashing together the exercises of stating your Mission and Vision, Describing your ICA’s top attributes, Mapping out the customer journey, and gleaning the sales pitch from there, you’re able to speak directly to the outcomes your client seeks.

The better you understand your client and their base needs, the stronger this mapping and language selection will be. Interview your prospects and record the most specific information you can. This information will give you a competitive advantage.

Thousands of successful small business owners are using systems, processes, and templates just like these to transform their businesses into the success they desire for themselves, their employees, customers and communities.

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