Improving Company Metrics Begins with Improving Leadership Metrics

When leaders set out to improve their company results, they are most successful when they start by choosing and measuring metrics for their own leadership self-development. 

By understanding how their behaviors influence their team’s efforts and drive the overall company culture, they can make meaningful choices about their actions and words with impactful results. When the team sees the leader serve clients, contribute to projects or mentor other team members, they show up with their best selves, too. 

Here are five ways leaders can choose the right self-development metrics for themselves based on thoughtful assessments of where they can improve their awareness and self management.

Notice your habits when you’re busy – If your days are overfilled with activity, do you take time to be introspective and evaluate how you’re feeling mentally and physiologically? Naming your emotions and being aware of your physical state gives you control to make to take actions that align with your desired outcomes. 

Conduct a 360 degree review – Finding out how others view your social, emotional, and technical competencies compared to how you view yourself gives you insights into where you can grow in your leadership.

Figure out your blindspots – Look for patterns in the feedback that others give you and when you know something is off kilter, be proactive and ask for feedback from trusted sources to get to the root of what you are experiencing. Once you know your blindspots, work with a coach to help you develop healthy practices to replace self-limiting beliefs with self-empowering beliefs.

Are you available – If someone were to ask your team members how responsive you are, what would they say? When your team feels like they can reach you in a reasonable amount of time when they need your help to get their job done, they feel valued.

Are you reliable – With many competing priorities on everyone’s agendas, if you promise to deliver something and fail to do so, the whole system can fall apart. Regardless of how big or small your promises are, keeping them demonstrates to everyone else you expect them to keep their promises too. This feeds your company’s values and culture.

Choose Your Metric: When leaders start with their own performance when looking for ways to improve the company performance, they multiply their impact. Whether you determine you need to improve your metrics around communication, self-awareness, building trust, or something else. Choosing one meaningful metric will cascade to improve a host of other metrics and transform your company. Click here to set up a consultation now to learn how to choose your metric.


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Belinda DiGiambattista

Leadership Coach and Entrepreneur, Belinda DiGiambattista, coaches executives and top professionals on effective leadership and positive behavior change for success. She transforms team connections by building trustworthy cultures resulting in high performing organizations. Prior to her coaching and consulting practice, Belinda founded Butter Beans Kitchen, a food service management company, (NYU Berkeley Center Business Plan Competition Winner 2009 + Inc 5000 list, 2014, 2016) in 2008. After growing the company, she sold it in 2017, fulfilling her dream of starting, building, and selling a company. Before launching her own ventures Belinda held positions with BB&T Bank (now Truist), Moody’s Investors Service and BDO Seidman. This unique set of experiences enables Belinda to provide real-world solutions, systems, and leadership best practices to her clients. A proven executive and Certified Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach, Belinda’s unique blend of corporate experience in Fortune 500 companies and start-up experience fuel her perspective and energy for trustworthy cultures based on core values at the heart of every succeeding organization.

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